Harm Reduction and Community Engagement

Between 2009 and 2018, I served on the Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy (WRIDS) todevelop and implement 99recommendations related to substance use. Working in the community and in academic settings we have developed substance use resources including videos and infographics, disseminated our knowledge to the community via presentations and webinars, and engaged in academic and educationalresearch.

Opioid and cananbis resources

We have developed opioid-related content including information and infographics about fentanyl as well as vidoes and infographics about naloxone. These resources can be found at the School of Pharmacy Naloxone and Opioid Crisis Resources page. We also have a Cannabis resources page that includes general information, youth-specific prevention material, and content about cannabis edibles. Some of these resources have been translated into Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Tamil.

Academic Research

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Community and Professional Presentations and Media

2020, Invited Seminar, Cannabis Use in Older Adults, Coalition of Pharmacists Caring for AgingCanadians, National Conference, Online

2020, Invited Seminar, Cannabis Edibles, Efficacy, and Special Populations, Canadian Nutrition Society, Monthly Webinar

2020, Community Talk, Cannabis and Brain Injury, Waterloo-Wellington Brain Injury Associa-tion (Guelph, Kitchener, Arthur)

2019, Invited Seminar, Medical, Recreational, or Both? What is my Role on the Front Lines of Cannabis Use, Walmart Pharmacy Conference, Toronto, ON

2019, Adult Sunday School Class, “The Opioid Crisis: Understanding Addiction”, Erb St. Mennonite Church 2019

2019, Invited Seminar, Pharmacology of Cannabis, Regional Hospital Pharmacy Technician Conference, Kitchener, ON

2019, Seminar, Expert Witness Symposium, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Opioid Pharmacology

2019, Seminar, Waterloo Pharmacy Reunion Weekend, Cannabis Edibles: What Pharmacists need to know

2019, Invited Webinar, Pharmacology of Cannabis: The Endocannabinoid System and the Role of Cannabinoids in the Body, Canadian Mental Health Association - Waterloo-Welling-ton, Via Ontario Telemedicine Network

2018,Invited Seminar, Illicit Substance Use: Understanding the impact on medication management and opportunities for harm reduction, Ontario Pharmacists Association, Huntsville, ON

2018, Roundtable with Church and Community Leaders: The Opioid Crisis: What’s Happening and Why

2018, Television appearance, CTV News, Is benzodiazepine use among high school age students increasing in Waterloo Region?

2018, Television appearance, CTV News, Cannabis prevention and harm reduction materials for waterloo region use

2018, Radio appearance, CBC Morning Edition, UW releases video on 5 things to know about cannabis

2018, CBC News, 5 basics about consuming cannabis: UW releases pot video for pharmacists,https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/uw-5-things-to-know-cannabis-1.4812744

2018,Radio appearance, CBC Edition, Update on the Waterloo Region Special Committee on Opioid Response

2017,Seminar, Cannabis Basics for Clinicians, Guelph Pharmacists Association

2017,Invited Webinar, Street Fentanyls: What Pharmacists Need to Know, Canadian PharmacistsAssociation, (over 180 pharmacists across Canada watched live, an additional 170 downloaded the video and resources)

2017,Seminar, Opioids, Fentanyls, Overdose, and Naloxone, Grand River Hospital Technicians Conference, Kitchener, ON

2017,Seminar, “Opioid overdose and naloxone - what parents and caregivers need to know” Public Lecture, School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo

2017,Seminar, “Opioid overdose and naloxone in community pharmacy practice” McKesson Showcase, Toronto

2017,Seminar, “Opioid overdose and naloxone in primary care” PriMed Conference, Toronto

2017,Seminar, “Opioid overdose, naloxone, and opioid prescribing” Expert Witnesses in Drug Trials Conference, Toronto

2016,Seminar, “The Opioid Crisis”. School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Public Lecture

2016,Seminar, “Opioid Overdose and Naloxone” Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, Toronto

2016,Television appearance, Evening News, re: opioid use, CTV News Kitchener

Michael Beazely 2016