Professional Program

In 2015, I assumed the role of Associate Director, Curriculum, overseeing all aspects of the professional pharmacy program. My primary teaching role in our undergraduate curriculum is to coordinate pharmacology content (including toxicology and pharmacogenetics) across the entire program. The curriculum at the University of Waterloo integrates most of the pharmacology content into upper-year “Integrated Patient-Focused Care” (IPFC) courses. I am currently coordinating IPFC 8, Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics. Previously I have coordinated Pharm 141 (Introduction to Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry), 222 (IPFC-3, Endocrine Therapeutics), and Pharm 401 (Independent Study).

I have also mentored 18 undergraduate students in undergraduate honours thesis/independent study courses, co-op rotations, NSERC summer students, volunteer research projects.

Graduate Program

As we established our graduate program, one of the challenges was to design a core graduate course that would benefit students from diverse backgrounds studying all aspects of drug discovery and human health. The fields of study in our graduate program are extremely diverse: synthesizing new compounds, culturing cells, performing animal studies, creating computer simulations, database analysis, etc. I designed, coordinated, and delivered much of the content for Pharm 610: Topics in Drug Development that takes students from lead molecule identification and analytical chemistry through to clinical trials, post-marketing surveillance, and pharmacoeconomics.

Michael Beazely 2016